This stone came from a beautiful and unique area of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.   It is a rare STONE ... if you look closely you will see incredible fossils within the lines. The tiny vertebrae and gold streaks of color only scratch the surface of the thousands of years of stories that lie within this beautiful piece of nature.
When arguing 
with a stone, 
an egg 
is always wrong.

-African Saying

Michelangelo said about carving in stone - just carve away the part that isn't David . . .  and although we may not all have a David in our stone . . . we do have a wonderful promise within each new piece . . . and an incredible desire to find it.  That is the easy part . . . the desire that drives a stone carver on . . . breathing dust, chipping away . . . continuing through aching back and the knowledge that the sun is setting . . . 

The hard part is the rest.
As in nature, as in art, so in grace;
it is rough treatment
that gives souls,
as well as stones,
their luster.
Thomas Guthrie
Stories of the HEART
property of the artist

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New Work Available
November 2019
Now showing at the 
Old Alcohol Plant Hotel in Hadlock, WA

White Translucent Alabaster Stone 
on Black Marble  

 Watching white sails in the wind turn to abstract moving shapes while balancing atop a dark and stormy sea was the inspiration for this Sculpture 

Blue Alabaster 2 Piece

This beautiful and unique alabaster stone is filled with blue tints and translucent patches. The abstract sculpture represents the fragile innocence of a baby bird safe under the mother’s wings, while at the same time seeing inside the mother stone, a vulnerable being with veins exposed and so fragile.
Gallery of work sold
One Thousand Springs 
Brucite stone
property of the artist